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Upcoming Event: IFR 2024 in Denmark

The IFR (International Friendship Rally) is an event that takes place every two years.
Vega sailors from all over the world meet to sail, party and have a good time together for a week.

The next IFR will take place in Denmark in summer 2024.

As soon as there is more information about the IFR 2024, we will publish it here.
Stay tuned.

What's new?

Spring 2023 update

We are preparing some updates:

  • the overdue VODA meeting took place during the IFR in Hoorn. The board and the representatives of the national clubs were newly elected. As soon as the minutes of the decisions are consolidated, we look forward to publish all the data here.
  • there will also be a report and great photos from the IFR in Hoorn.
  • last but not least, we have some technical innovations up our sleeve that didn’t make it onto the site last year.

Have a nice sailing season and don’t forget to register your Albin Vega!

Easter Update

We’ve finished some important features:

  • Registered users can decide whether the “Owner” field will be hidden or displayed on the Ships detail page.
    The default is “hidden” and we also updated all entries that were migrated from the old Vega database for the Owner names to be hidden. This may be more safe in terms of GDPR.
  • Now there’s a picture counter. Since user may upload up to ten images, such a counter may be useful because it can be used for sorting.
  • We have a reCAPTCHA security mechanism to avoid unwanted mails.
  • We added a “Contact Owner” Button at the bottom of every database detail page.
    This is how we protect all email addresses from misuse.

Database migrated

The content of the ‘old’ Vega Database has been imported. Nearly 500 records.
Still some work to do, but that’s a good start.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Who runs this site and who is it for?

This site is operated by VODA. The goal is to collect and make available all possible information about the Albin Vega.
The site is free and always will be.

It doesn’t matter whether you own a Vega or are a member of one of the Vega clubs.
Everyone who is interested in Albin Vega is welcome!

I have questions, comments, material to upload or suggestions for improvement.

Feel free to send us an email using the contact form, we look forward to every suggestion.

If you have material for the library or images to share, we will contact you as soon as possible and arrange a way to hand over the material.