Database Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Vega database work?

The Albin Vega database is a collection of Albin Vega ‘business cards’ to give all Vega sailors or those who are interested access and an overview of where the almost 3500 built Vegas are, spreading all over the world.
With the option of uploading photos, everyone can also provide an insight into ‘their’ Vega.
The usage of the database is voluntary and free of charge.
As a Vega owner, you are invited to register your Vega here and thus make the data of your ship accessible to other.

The procedure for registering a Vega is as follows:

  • On the REGISTER page you can register your Vega with the hull number and your email address.
  • You will be sent a link by email immediately with which you can access the editing page.
  • After completing your data and one or more optional photos, you should save it by clicking the SAVE button.
  • If you are satisfied with your input, uncheck the box ‘Hide record’ (which is checked by default right after registration) and SAVE again.
    Your data will be published.
  • Ready, you are all set up.
  • You then may browse the list view or discover the detail pages and try out the sorting and searching functionality.
  • Using the edit link from step 2 you can change your data at any time or even delete the entire record (Caution! There’s no confirmation question, once you hit SAVE with the ‘delete’ box checked, it’s gone once and for all !!)


  • The email address is unique in the database and cannot be changed once registered. This is for security reasons and due to the data model of the database.
  • This means that you can not register more than one Vega Hull number to one email address. That is not perfect, but unfortunately the technical changes to ensure that the combination of email address and hull number is unique would be a lot of work on the internal code, so for the time being we have to live with this restriction.

What if my Vega Hull number already exists?

If you find that your Vegas hull number is already registered, then this data has been migrated (‘taken over’) from the former Vega Worldwide Database which is not maintained anymore.

In this case please consider the following:

  • If you remember the email address that you send to the old Vega database (if in doubt you may have look there – at least as long as it is online) and use the “resend private link” page to let you send your private link for editing your data record.
    The email addresses were migrated as well as any other data, but they are not visible publicly.
  • If you do not remember the email address that you used for the old Vega database or if you did not use one at all, then you can register your Vega with any email address as a new entry here.
    You can send us a note via the Contact form that there will be a duplicate hull number and what should we do with the old orphaned entry. In most cases it can be removed then.

What if my eMail address already exists?

If you see the message “A record with this Email already exists. Please use another Email.” while you register your Vega, then your email address is already in use.

Either you have already registered or the data was taken over from the old Vega database.

You then may

  • use another email address, or
  • use the “resend private link” page and let you send your private link for editing your Vega data record.

If both does not work, send us a note via the Contact form and we quickly will find a solution.