Members of VODA

The four remaining active european Albin Vega Clubs build up the VODA.
Formerly there were six clubs, but the Vega Association of the UK is not operational anymore while the US Vega Club is still a ‘passive member’ yet not really functional as an Association.
We invite you to visit their websites where you will find very many useful information about the Albin Vega.

The VAGB no longer exists as an association.
If it were to revive again one day, we would of course welcome it back.

VODA Officers & Representative

(election was held at IFR 2022 in Hoorn, NL)

Officer Name Vega Country Email
President Robert Hansen V-2258 Denmark
Representative vacant U.K.
Representative vacant Denmark
Representative Bo Mejner Sweden
Representative vacant Netherlands
Representative Peter Berka V-1461 Germany
Hon. Life President Lars Lemby Imari Sweden