IFR 2016, Warnemünde, DE

This traditional, international Vega meeting took place in the Warnemünde marina from July 25th to 30th, 2016, which is rightly regarded as one of the most unusual harbors on the Baltic Sea due to its special location on the middle pier between the old and new course of the Warnow.

This is where the sports school “Yachthafen Warnemünde” of the Landessportbundes Mecklenburg-Vorpommern e.V. is located, which has also helped us with our Vega regattas with its great experience and equipment for national and international regattas. As an integral part of the IFR, the regattas were held on the Baltic Sea over two days.

Here is the program of the Super Vega Days again:

Monday 25.7. opening ceremony
Tuesday 26.7. 1st regatta day Regatta 1 and 2, VODA meeting
Wednesday 27.7. 2nd regatta day regatta 3 and 4, , grill evening/barbeque,
Thursday 28.7. Trip/excursion to the country and its people by ship and historic railway, sightseeing
Friday 29.7. Squadron ride on the Warnow, docking in Rostock, sightseeing,
In the evening regatta dinner, music and dancing
Saturday 30.7. Farewell ceremony in the morning

A few voices of the participants:

Dear organizational team,
I would like to thank you for 5 wonderful and extremely successful regatta days.
My crew member, who hasn’t experienced anything like this before, was ecstatic.
A first-class event on land, eventful excursions and a great handling of the regattas.

Could not be better.
I assume that all Danish participants have the same opinion.
Thank you

Viwa II
Vedbak, Denmark

Here are some picure galleries:

1: Opening Ceremony (56 images)2: Regatta (100 images)3: Holland Happening (25 images)
4: Excursion (58 images)5: Rostock (49 images)6: Regattadinner 43 images)
7: Closing Ceremony (11 images)Arrival Day (and the regatta results, 46 images)